Long Creek was a club formed near the east side of Decatur, Illinois in the tiny suburb town of Long Creek. Many appaloosa shows were held at Big Creek arena, but it is no longer there. Long Creek went dormant from 1997 to 1998. In 1999 it was reactivated and has been very active since. We host one show the end of April held at Gordyville USA called GET SPOTTED. It features 192 classes! Our club loves giving back to its members with some awesome year end awards that are earned from points at cross approved regional shows. We cross approve all Illinois and Indiana appaloosa clubs plus the Illinois State Fair. To be eligible for awards you must be a current year club member and nominate your horse. Membership and nomination forms can be found on the membership page.  

2019 Officers

President: Janet Snyder 
Vice President: Cindy Lamb Basham
Sec./Tres.: Holly Robinson

Pointkeeper: Sandra Hobkirk

~ Directors ~

3 year term - Amy Rogus, John Snyder - ends 12/21

2 year term - Betty Petzig, Kelley Cote, Stacy Cottrell - ends 12/19 

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